When I caress Him

No doubt he loves my touch. Our nights are always spent with me giving him a gentle or  intense massage (depends on his day), lightly scratching his back, or simply caressing his body. He doesn’t know this but as I touch him I am always quietly praying for him. I pray for his inner peace.

Last night, as I softly caressed his body, I decied to not pray but to think about each part of him I was touching. I wanted to identify what I thought of him and why.

This is what I saw…………

Hands ~ They are eager to help anyone. Would never even harm an angry animal. Has never been lifted in anger against a woman. Can hold a troubled heart gently. Hard working, always giving 100% at any task.

Arms ~ Always open. Big enough to hold close everyone in his life. Strong enough to protect from the wildest enemy. 

Feet ~ Scared, confused, lost. They have traveled one road for so long, they find it difficult to make a new path even though the one they now travel has come to a dead end.

Eyes ~ So full of hurt and pain. Cannot see the future because the past is blocking their view. 

Lips ~ How can I look at them without touching or kissing them? Soft, inviting. Often when they part vial words spew forth like daggers. And then there are moments when his heart softens, his words are like warm honey. 

Head/Brain~He is so damn smart. He could conquer the world. Not a single niave cell circulating in his brain. He is very much aware of his world and all that surrounds him. And that is why there are issues with his Heart.

Heart~Broken, shattered! Yet it is filled with love that he wants to give, but he’s scared. Compassionate, yet guarded against everyone, for fear of being taken advantage of. Longs to be free of its past, but scared of the future.

His hands, arms, feet, eyes, head and heart, Oh how I love to touch them, kiss them, to gaze upon them. Not just them but every part of his body.

My prayer is that one day, his heart will heal and he will be able move forward into the Happiness that he so well deserves.

I love him so and I wish he could see what I see in him.



So, this is my life. I am both happy and sad and I am still trying to figure out how that could be.

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