Self-Pity is OK

Having, Faith, a clear view of reality and an open mind does not make the pains of the heart any less. The confusion is less, but the pain is not. It actually may feel worse when you see things clearly in your life. (I refuse to wear rose colored glasses.) This is often where most people get depressed. And rightfully so. I believe there are times that we are expected to be depressed, sad and it’s OK. Because when you enjoy living life and things are not going in the direction you had hoped, you become depressed. It’s hard to see a future less than what you had imagined or believed it would be. If you have a clear view of reality, even though it is painful, you will eventually move forward in a positive direction. Embrace your self-pity for a moment, after all, you know you and you must love and want good things for yourself. So when you have self-pity, that is because you know first hand exactly how much you have sacrificed,  believed and worked for your happy destination.

In my opinion, self-pity is healthy, in a small dose of course. Just don’t stay there.  I often say, Just Cry. Yes, just cry, let it all out. Take a day or two. Then swallow your tears, re-evaluate and move on.

Be a survivor. Even if it is surviving yourself.

Our greatest battles are often against our own minds!



So, this is my life. I am both happy and sad and I am still trying to figure out how that could be.

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